There are many UNIQUE things for discounted tickets originating from Japan, because most of them are based on group discount deal even though IACE sell them to each individual customers. Please keep in mind, however, that IACE Travel has all types of discount tickets. We are sure that some tickets will be perfect for you, while others may not satisfy your travel needs. So, simply ask!
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Q. What are fuel surcharge fees?
As you are likely aware, the transportation and travel industries have been subjected to airline fuel surcharges (FSC) since February of 2000. This surcharge is based on verage fuel prices compiled by the Department of Energy, and was initiated by airlines and other air carriers who purchase fuel on the variable energy market. This operating cost has been uniformly passed on to consumers at both wholesale and retail levels. In addition, in October 2001, commercial carriers instituted security surcharges to help finance new mandated aviation security procedures.
Q. Can I bring bottled water in to airplane?
Please see this Narita airport official notice for details of Restrictions on liquids as carry-on cabin baggage.
Q. What is baggage allowance for international and domestic flights?
*this is a standard policy. Some airlines may have different ones, and some items are restricted to bring, also.
It is strongly recommended to check with the airline you take prior to your journey.

<Flights to/from USA including GUAM, SAIPAN>
First & Business Class 2 pieces with total linear dimensions
(length+height+width) of each not
exceeding 158cm(62in). Each piece must not weigh more than 32kg(70lbs).
Economy Class 2pieces meeting the requirement described above and in addition each piece
must not weigh more than 23kg(50lbs).
<Other flights>
First Class Total weight should not exceed 40kg(88lbs).
Business Class Total weight should not exceed 30kg(66lbs).

Economy Class Total weight should not exceed 20kg(44lbs). FREE BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE (CARRY-ON BAGGAGE) ? INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS ONLY
*this is a standard policy. Some airlines may have different ones, and some items are restricted to bring, also.
It is strongly recommended to check with the airline you take prior to your journey.

Please limit your carry-on baggage to 1 piece. Carry-on baggage should be limited to one piece, and the maximum dimensions not exceeding 115cm(45in).
These dimensions include wheels, handles, side pockets. Additionally small personal effects such as handbag, camera, etc may be allowed for in cabin use.
Q. What are required documents for international travel?
You are required to bring your valid passport, military ID, and leave paper (for So-fa Status holders or Active duty members). Some countries require Visa, and/or accination, too. Please check the embassy (consulate) for required documents well in advance because it takes time to obtain those.
Also, please keep in mind that you need to have re-entry permit if you return to Japan. IACE Travel is not responsible for the denial of your entry due to expired/invalid passports or the lack of documents.
Q. What is "UNSPECIFIED" ?
The airlines is called "unspecified." It is one of the most unique things and probably you have never heard at your home country. This means you will not know the full details of your flight itinerary until you make full payment and less than two weeks prior to your departure date.
Your flight may leave in the morning or night, may be the connecting flights, and/or may have to stay overnight enroute. Beleive it or not, this is sometimes the best method for obtaining the best price from the airlines.
Of course, we DO have prices for particular airlines', if you have certain preference, or you need to be sure about your flights, refer to the "alternate itinerary and price", or simply email again and ask one of the reservation agents!
Q. What is "FIX" and/or "OPEN" ?
FIX means non-changeable on your return date, while OPEN is changeable. Fix is cheeper than OPEN, but you need to be careful. When you need to change your return while abroad with FIX tickets, you will need to buy the whole new tickets. If you have chance to change, please consider buying the open tickets because cheeper tickets cost you rather a lot higher after all. There is also a word "FIXOPEN", which is changeable with a fee. Please ask agents for the best suitable ticket-type depending on your travel needs.
Q. Is there children discount on discount tickets ?
Some of them, yes. Most of the discount tickets, however, do not have children discount. You may have to pay the same price as adult. Some of the fares are based on per seat regardless of the age of the passenger. This is a very common deal that Japanese travel agencies make with the airlines to get the best rates.
Q. Where and when can I pick up tickets ?
Most of the tickets are ready only at the designated group counter of the airport you leave from on your departure date. This is due to the character of the group discount tickets. Some of the ticket types can be picked up in advance with a small fee.
Q. Can I pay by credit card ?
Yes. You can pay by Visa, Master, or American Express(Yokosuka office only). The price may be different from the one for cash payment. Please ask your agent. Also, Please keep in mind that we DO NOT accept card payment only over the phone due to security purposes. We need the written authorization from you. Please refer to "payment" section for details.
Q. What is the Run of House room category ?
"Run of House", sometimes abbreviated as "ROH" includes the most common or standard type of room category in the hotel, featuring basic amenities. When you select "Run of House", your actual room will be determined by the hotel, based on availability, at the time of check-in.
With this category, you cannot specify the exact room type, such as a room with 2queen-size beds or a room with one large bed. Some hotels accept the REQUEST, but it is not guaranteed.