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ジャマイカ キングストン西部における外出禁止令

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北側境界:Along Race Course Lane (Blount Street) from the intersection of Little King Street travelling to the fence line forming the western periphery of the Golden Heights Housing Development, also annexing the northern and eastern sections of the development, travelling south along paved gully and continuing to the intersection of Williams Street and Upper Rose Lane.

東側境界 : Along Rose Lane from the intersection of William Street continuing south along Rose Lane to the intersection of Beeston Street and Rose Lane.

南側境界 : Along Beeston Street from Rose Lane continuing west along Beeston Street to intersection with Spanish Town Road and southwest along Spanish Town Road to Little King Street (excluding the Denham Town High School and Denham Town Police Station).

西側境界 : Along Little King Street from Spanish Town Road to the intersection of Race Course Lane (Blount Street).